CDC Warns: This "hidden epidemic" is DESTROYING the health of innocent Americans!

More than 100 million people have already been exposed... millions more at risk... Know the symptoms and find out how to protect yourself and your family

Hi, I'm Dr. Allan Spreen.

And if you're suffering with symptoms like fatigue, brain fog, headaches, food cravings, joint or muscle pain, indigestion, or difficulty losing weight...

If you've been to the doctor and he can't figure out what's wrong with you...

If you've tried everything, but your symptoms still won't go away...

This will be the most shocking... eye-opening... and ultimately life changing presentation you'll ever see.

Here's why...

The CDC has just issued a dire warning for Americans – especially those of us over 50.

They've discovered a sort of "stealth disease" that causes these exact symptoms...

And the facts are downright terrifying:

As a result, this hidden condition is spreading like wildfire. Millions of innocent Americans are already infected – and hundreds of millions more are at risk.

That's why it's being called "the plague of our times" by top scientists.

And here's the really scary part – the symptoms I mentioned a second ago are just the beginning.

When this disease goes untreated for too long, things can get much worse...

Here's a picture of a man from California undergoing treatment for an advanced form of this disease:

As you can see, this disease is extremely serious. In some cases, it can even be deadly.

I'll show you what this disease is – and how to protect yourself and your family – in just a second.

First, it's absolutely critical to figure out if you've been exposed.

So if you don't mind, I'd like to ask you a few simple yes-or-no questions.

Now, these questions might seem a little strange. But they reveal a LOT.

If you want, you can grab a pen and paper to write down your answers -- just number your paper 1-5, then jot down a quick yes or no as we go through each question.

I'll give you a second to get ready... we go...

Question #1 Have you ever been camping, hiking or backpacking?

Question #2 Do you own a dog or cat, or have you owned one at any time in the past?

Question #3 Have you ever eaten sushi, raw oysters, or medium rare steak?

Question #4 Do you ever drink water straight from the tap?

Question #5 Have you ever changed a dirty diaper?

I know these questions might seem random and unrelated. But if you answered "yes" to any of these questions – and especially if you answered yes to two or more...

Then the next few minutes of this presentation could mean the difference between LIFE OR DEATH for you and your family.

ALL those innocent activities can lead directly to infection.

See, the stealth disease I'm talking about is caused by a very specific type of infection...


Yes, parasites... little bugs that crawl deep inside you, sucking the life out of you and destroying your health...

New research is proving 2 shocking things about parasites:

1. They're MUCH more common than anyone thought (more on this in a minute), and...

2. They can cause a lot more than just stomach problems. In fact, they are now believed to be the real culprit behind the exact type of mysterious health symptoms that plague millions of Americans...Things like headaches, fatigue, aches and pains, brain fog, trouble losing weight, and much more.

Now, I know what you're thinking...

"There's NO WAY I have parasites! I'm a clean person!"

Friend, I know exactly what you mean. Parasites are only a problem in third world countries, right?

I wish it were that simple...

Yes, parasites are more common in tropical countries – which is why that's one of the ways you can be exposed...

But they're definitely not confined to those countries.

They're more common here in the US than they've EVER been before.

In fact, according to the CDC, over 100 MILLION Americans are already infected!

How is that possible?

Simple: because we can get parasites no matter how clean and healthy we are.

In fact, a lot of seemingly innocent activities – like camping or hiking... eating sushi, raw oysters, or rare steak... changing a dirty diaper... even just playing with a dog or cat...

Are like rolling out the red carpet for parasites!

Let me explain...

Do you have a dog?

Cute as it is, it's probably carrying a parasite called Giardia – which it picks up from groundwater, or sniffing other animals feces. Even if you treat your dog with a de-wormer, re-infections are very common. And all it takes is one lick a little too close to your face, and boom... you're infected.

Or how about this – have you ever changed a dirty diaper? If you've had kids, you've probably changed hundreds.

Baby poop can be packed with a parasite called cryptosporidium. All it takes is a microscopic amount that doesn't get washed off quite well enough and boom... you're infected.

Have you ever eaten rare steak, raw oysters, or sushi?

Undercooked meat and seafood can be loaded with parasitic worms. One bite from the wrong restaurant and boom... you're infected.

And believe it or not, you can even get a nasty parasite infection from drinking plain old TAP WATER!

I know what you're thinking: 'Wait a minute – don't they treat tap water with chlorine to kill all the nasties?'

You're right, they do. But chlorine kills bacteria.

Parasites are another story. Chlorine doesn't even phase them!

So if parasites get into the water lines, there's no stopping them.

In fact, a few years ago, the City of Milwaukee Wisconsin had a parasite outbreak in their water system.

Over 400,000 people got sick!

And that's just one example... It happens all the time!

And I haven't even mentioned traveling to the tropics, where parasites are even more common... or just coming into contact with someone who's already infected...

You get the idea. And if you're starting to think...

"Gosh, seems like it's impossible NOT to get a parasite one way or another"...You're absolutely right!

But maybe you're wondering, 'wouldn't I know if I was infected with a parasite?'

That's the scary thing... They can stay in your system for years... even decades... and the symptoms can be really mild at first. You may not even notice them for a while.

Then, when the symptoms start to get worse... they can easily be blamed on other conditions.

For example, parasites can slow down your nervous system, leading to fatigue and brain fog... which could easily be mistaken for chronic fatigue syndrome or a hormonal issue...

Parasites can cause you to store extra fat and make weight loss virtually impossible (yes, you heard that right – parasites can make it IMPOSSIBLE to lose weight!)... and that extra fat could easily be blamed on your poor diet instead...

Parasites can keep you from absorbing important vitamins and minerals, which messes with your blood sugar, metabolism, and hormones... which could be mistaken for any number of other diseases...

They can even mess with your gut bacteria, triggering unhealthy food cravings... which could easily be blamed on YOUR lack of willpower!

In other words, they can absolutely destroy your health from the inside out.

Yet you and your doctor would have no idea what was really causing it!

But there's good news...

In the next few minutes, you'll discover a revolutionary way to eliminate every last parasite from your body – and get back the youthful energy and vitality they're stealing from you.

It was developed by a colleague of mine – a brilliant nutritional scientist and one of the world's foremost experts on parasite removal – who I'll introduce you to in just a second.

It's completely safe and natural – no harsh drugs involved – and you can do it in the comfort of your own home.

And the best part is, once you get rid of parasites, the chronic health problems they've been causing finally start to clear up...

And you begin to look and feel better than you have in a long time.


Sound good?


Allow me to introduce the brilliant pioneer who can show you how to get rid of the nasty little bugs that are sabotaging your health.

Her name is Ann Louise Gittleman, and I'm proud to call her a friend and colleague.

Her resume is downright impressive. She is a Columbia University graduate and has been recognized as one of the Top Ten Nutritionists in the country by Self Magazine.

She is also the recipient of numerous awards including the American Medical Writers Association award for excellence, as well as the 2016 Humanitarian Award from the Cancer Control Society.

Ann Louise holds a clinical nutrition specialist certification and is the undisputed title "First Lady of Nutrition"... not to mention she's a New York Times Bestselling author, her work has been mentioned in Time Magazine, and she's made appearances on programs like 20/20, The View, Good Morning America, and more...

Yet her focus as a nutritionist is – and always has been – on helping her clients solve their biggest health challenges.

Years ago, Ann Louise started to notice a pattern in many of the people who came to see her.

They would come in complaining of those mysterious symptoms... and they just wouldn't respond to normal treatment.

Understandably, Ann Louise got fed up with being unable to truly help so many of them.

So she searched for answers.

Eventually, that led her to investigate parasitic infections. She was shocked how many of the symptoms lined up perfectly with her clients' complaints...

So she started recommending testing everyone for parasites. And she was absolutely floored by how many she found!

At least 90% of people tested have at least one undiagnosed parasite infection!

Obviously, the next step was to learn how to get rid of them.

Unfortunately the mainstream medicine system just hardly teaches doctors anything about this.

There are a couple reasons why.

First, and most importantly... parasite infections are NOT a billion dollar drug market.

And since mainstream medicine is all about selling the most profitable drugs... most doctors aren't even trained to look for a parasite infection in the first place!

And they're definitely not taught how parasites can cause chronic, mysterious symptoms like fatigue, brain fog, food cravings and joint pain.

So more often than not, they end up treating your symptoms with prescription drugs, while the underlying cause – parasites – keeps right on going!

And even if they do look for parasites, they still might miss the mark.

Because, most doctors use a simple stool sample test and many times parasites just simply don't show up.

That's because they may be burrowed into the intestinal walls – or they've taken up residence outside your intestinal tract altogether, like in your blood vessels, lymph system, even your eyes or brain!

I know that's a little gross to think about, but the point is – the test most doctors use is NOT enough to tell whether you have a parasite infection.

And here's the bottom line:

If you feel tired all the time, always seem to get sick, or just never feel quite right....

If you've been suffering with mysterious symptoms like headaches, extreme food cravings, unexplained skin rashes, allergies or insomnia...

But the lab work looks fine and your doctor just can't put his finger on it...

You're better off ASSUMING you have a parasite!

I know how strange that sounds, but remember – we're all exposed to parasites no matter how clean we are... From activities as innocent as hiking in the woods, playing with your dog, or drinking tap water!

Luckily, Ann Louise Gittleman has just made a game-changing breakthrough in the science of parasite removal.

A way to "flush" every last parasite out of your body, safely, and easily – without even leaving your house!

It's the "secret weapon" Ann Louise has been using with her own clients for several years now... refining and perfecting it along the way ...

And the results are nothing short of miraculous.

She says you can expect to feel a fresh new stream of youthful energy come rushing into your body...

...suddenly noticing you're more clear-headed and mentally sharp than you've been in years, like a fog has lifted from your mind...

...enjoying effortless, comfortable digestion, so you can eat your favorite foods without gas, bloating or constipation...

... imagine feeling those aches and pains that have been plaguing you for years just fade away...

You'd feel like a brand new person!

And that's exactly the kind of stunning transformation Ann Louise's clients experience all the time.

And YOU can be next.

Because today, for the first time ever, Ann Louise is ready to share her parasite-eliminating plan with YOU.

You'll find it in her latest groundbreaking book (which hasn't been released to the general public yet).

It's called "The Hidden Parasite Epidemic: 5 Proven Ways to Eliminate the Monsters Inside You"...

It's a complete "how-to manual" for getting rid of parasites safely and quickly... so you can look and feel the like yourself again!

Let me give you a sneak peek inside... so you can see how simple and easy Ann Louise's parasite cleanse is.

In fact it comes down to 5 simple steps anyone can do...

Step 1 is to "flush out" as many parasites as possible.

You see, the vast majority of parasites live burrowed in the walls of your intestinal tract, where no drug can touch them.

So the first step is to "scrub" your digestive tract -- using a safe and gentle (yet VERY effective) blend of plant-based fibers.

According to Ann Louise, this "scrubbing action" breaks the parasite cultures loose from your intestinal walls so you can pass them easily.

Starting on page 26 of your copy of The Hidden Parasite Epidemic, you'll get Ann Louise's recommended blend of intestinal cleansers, specifically targeted to flush out parasites.

And rest assured – after completing just this one step...

You're going to feel worlds better.

Your digestion will improve, and you may already start feeling more clear and energetic...

And we're just getting started!

Step 2 is to make a strategic "tweak" to your diet to make it less friendly to parasites.

See, parasites thrive on certain kinds of food. So getting rid of those foods robs them of their energy source.

And other foods – foods that are perfectly safe and delicious for people -- are actually harmful to parasites.

So Step 2 is as easy as replacing the foods that feed parasites... with foods that discourage parasites.

That keeps the parasite population under control while you finish the rest of the cleanse...

Don't worry, this isn't some super super-restrictive diet that requires superhuman willpower.

In fact, some of the recommendations may seem counter-intuitive. Like avoiding raw vegetables, for example...

But they're all designed for one purpose: to make your body an unfriendly place for parasites.

And the complete list of foods to avoid and foods to eat more of starts on page 27 of your copy of The Hidden Parasite Epidemic.

Now, step 3 is where you'll really send parasites running for the hills.

Because Ann Louise has perfected a blend of potent herbal parasite-fighters that are like kryptonite to those nasty bugs.

So you can be sure they'll finish off whatever parasites didn't get flushed out in step 1.

The complete list of herbal parasite-killers – including dosage guidelines and a few battle tested tips and tricks – starts on page 31 of your copy of The Hidden Parasite Epidemic.

Additionally, she'll provide you with Step 4, the best ways to re-populate your gut with healthy bacteria, through diet and herbal supplements. According to Ann Louise, this is one of the best ways to prevent future parasite infections.

Now, once step 3 and 4 are complete, you can relax... because at this point you should be completely parasite-free!

Which means you can say goodbye to those mysterious symptoms... and look forward to a rush of new energy... fewer aches and pains... a clearer and sharper mind...

And if you're like a lot of Ann Louise's clients, you'll notice another unexpected benefit in the weeks and months after your parasite cleanse... effortless weight loss!

Because parasites can interfere with your metabolism and fat storage – not to mention trigger unhealthy food cravings – getting rid of them could mean the quickest, easiest weight loss you've ever experienced.

More on this in a minute...

But there's 1 final step to the parasite cleanse, and they may be the most important of all...

Ever heard the saying "An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure"?

Well when it comes to parasites, it couldn't be more true.

Once you flush those harmful bugs out of your system, and you're feeling like yourself again, you'll want to make sure you stay that way...

And in your copy of The Hidden Parasite Epidemic, Ann Louise will show you exactly how to do that.

Step 5 is all about reducing your risk of future infections.

As you now know, avoiding parasites altogether isn't just hard – it's impossible!

And you certainly don't want to go to extreme measures like never touching another dog, or venturing into the woods again!

And you don't have to.

Because by following a few simple guidelines Ann Louise lays out starting on page 31, you'll slash your risk of parasite exposure... AND make sure your immune system is strong enough to handle any bugs you do come across.

Simply put, The Hidden Parasite Epidemic is your ticket to a healthy, energetic, parasite-free future...

And in a moment, you're invited to claim a copy at a steep discount, with a full money-back, satisfaction guarantee...

Details in a second – but first, you've got to hear the stories from some of the people Ann Louise has helped... folks just like you and me who found out first hand what a huge toll parasites were taking on their health.

Especially their energy levels and ability to lose weight.

Take Catherine Zeigler, for instance...

She suffered from diabetes and had a really hard time losing weight.

She had tried dieting, but just couldn't keep the weight off... She was at the end of her rope.

"I was going to give up, despite having diabetes," she confides. "But two years ago I met Ann Louise Gittleman.

We talked about parasites, and I was intrigued because it was different. I knew diets weren't working...maybe this would."

And it did! Within two weeks of starting the parasite cleanse, Catherine lost 22 pounds.

After nine months of detox and changed eating habits, she had shed a total of 85 pounds!

"I have so much energy," raves Catherine, who is often told how young she looks now.

"And incredibly, I am no longer diabetic!"

85 pounds VANISHED... loads of youthful energy... and constantly hearing how young you look...

Sounds pretty good, doesn't it?

And wait until you hear Georgia C.'s story.

Georgia was also dealing with extra pounds she just couldn't shed... and it made her so self-conscious, she didn't want to be seen in public.

Turns out she was dealing with severe food cravings that stemmed from an undiagnosed parasite infection... (remember, parasites messing with your gut bacteria can trigger powerful food cravings!)

Tired of battling her weight, Georgia decided to try Ann Louise Gittleman's parasite cleanse.

"I was skeptical, but the pounds started to fall off – 30 in the first month!"

And there were other perks. Georgia lost all desire for starchy foods and her energy levels soared.

After dropping 65 pounds in just four months, she joined her daughters on their next shopping jaunt. Georgia raves, "A saleswoman even asked if we were sisters!"

Notice a pattern?

Once you get rid of parasites (and all the nasty ways they sabotage your health) losing weight, looking younger, and having more energy become almost effortless.

Imagine if you never had another craving for unhealthy food... think weight loss would be easier?

You bet it would!

It's something Ann Louise sees over and over in her office...

And now, it's your turn...

All the nagging health problems your doctor can't diagnose and doesn't know how to fix...

You could say goodbye to ALL of them...

And hello to a brighter, more energetic and healthy future starting just a few weeks from now!

Even if you're not completely convinced a parasite is causing your symptoms...

Isn't it worth a try, considering how much better you could look and feel just a few weeks from now?

After all, you wouldn't want to miss out on the one chance to change your life and achieve your best health in decades.

With everything else you and you doctors have tried... this could finally be the real difference maker for you!

As I mentioned, The Hidden Parasite Epidemic has not been released to the general public.

Luckily, as an HSI member, you can get a copy through this special presentation.

So if you're ready to stop feeling sick and tired...

If you're ready to reclaim your body from life-stealing parasites...

If you're ready to start living a vibrant, healthy, parasite-free life...

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Pay close attention to your digestion, and how you're getting more "regular"... pay attention to the severity of any aches and pains you've been dealing with – they'll start to fade away with each passing day...notice that any food cravings you had are getting less powerful, and eating healthier seems easier than you ever dreamed... notice how your mind is getting clearer and sharper every day...

And don't be surprised if – like so many of Ann Louise's clients , you shed dozens of pounds without really trying... and suddenly look years or even decades younger!

Take up to one year – a full 365 days – to feel the difference this makes in your life.

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Friend, the way I see it, you have 2 options:

You can keep dealing with the fatigue, the aches and pains, the brain fog, the cravings and the extra pounds...

You can keep hoping your doctor will someday figure out how to make you feel better...

Or, you can get to the root of the problem.

You can cleanse those microscopic health-destroyers out of your body once and for all...

You can join the ranks of Ann Louise's clients, who look better and feel better than they have in years...

But remember – there's no time to waste!

Copies of The Hidden Parasite Epidemic are flying off the shelves...

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Thank you for listening!


Dr. Allan Spreen

Senior Panelist

Health Sciences Institute

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