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Banned since 1962, but now AVAILABLE to AMERICANS…

REVEALED: Doctor-Developed ACE Protocol
Does What Chemo Can't

Natural protocol activates the body’s built-in defense system against cancer… shrinks tumors… and helps fight cancer – without scorching radiation or poisonous chemo. So why haven’t you heard of it?

Hi, my name is Dr. Allan Spreen, MD.

I’m broadcasting from my home in Jacksonville, Florida to deliver an urgent announcement about fighting cancer.

WARNING: What you’re about to hear will shock and outrage you.

In fact, the FDA doesn’t want me to share this life-saving information today.

But if you’re worried about cancer – or know someone who is… Please pay close attention…

In 1891, around the time when Thomas Edison first invented the camera…

…did one man…

…a brilliant, Harvard-educated doctor at the prestigious Memorial Hospital in New York…

…do “the impossible”

Discover a natural cancer treatment?

This is not a myth. I’m talking about what could be the biggest discovery in the history of medicine.

A genius treatment that uses the body’s own immune system to shrink tumors
and fight cancer

And to this day, this doctor is revered in scientific circles as a medical pioneer

In fact, every detail of his “cancer vaccine” is preserved in medical documents and scientific papers.

His work has been cited by Johns Hopkins University

NPR, Discover Magazine, even the American Association for Cancer Research have written about his discovery…

And his ancient therapy is the basis for what The Cancer Research Institute calls…

“The most promising breakthrough in cancer treatment today.”

The man was an absolute genius

And his breakthrough cancer therapy was a celebrated success for DECADES

Yet, for outrageous reasons you’ll soon understand…

Our United States government BANNED this natural treatment in 1962.

Yes, you heard that right…

Despite overwhelming evidence that this treatment could help cancer patients

Since 1962, you can’t get this cancer therapy from an American doctor or oncologist.

But there is still a way to get it…

I’ll share the full story with you in just a minute from now.

First, I want to be 100% clear…

The treatment you’re about to discover doesn’t involve a single round of chemotherapy…

There’s no radiation

No surgery

And ZERO drugs at all.

Instead, this treatment is completely natural.

It works by activating the body’s own built-in defense system against cancer

Allowing patients to fight cancer cells… shrink malignant tumors

fighting cancer cells

And flush cancer completely out of their bodies

Are you starting to see how important today’s presentation is?

Friend, this could be the biggest breakthrough in the history of medicine.

Whether you’re worried about cancer now…

Or about receiving a diagnosis in the future…

THIS could finally be the miracle we’ve been praying for.

The breakthrough we need.

And I’ll give you all the details in today’s presentation.

In the next 2 minutes, I’ll share the full story behind this controversial, life-saving treatment

…including important information on the only hospital in North America that offers it (it’s only 4 miles from the U.S. border).

I’ll also expose the shocking reason why this treatment was BANNED in the US (hint: it would put Big Pharma out of business).

You’ll see the scientific evidence that this treatment really works

Including the true story of a man who was diagnosed with bone cancer at the age of 13…

But used this treatment to defeat cancer

Go into complete remission within 3 months…

And live for another 62 years.

Then, I’ll show you how all this is just the first phase of a brand-new, 3-step treatment called The ACE Protocol

…which is being used by doctors right now to prevent, treat and yes… even fight cancer.

Finally, at the end of this short presentation, I’ll show you how you can get more information about this 3-step cancer-solutiontoday.

But I’m getting ahead of myself…

After all, I’m sure you have plenty of questions.

And I’m going to answer all of them for you over the next few minutes.

So pay close attention.

If you don’t mind, I’m going to dive right in…

Dr. Spreen

Like I said, my name is Dr. Allan Spreen, MD.

I’ve been a licensed medical doctor for the last 30 years… I’ve written 8 books on how to treat today’s worst diseases…

And, currently, I work as the Chief Medical Advisor for a large global organization called the Health Sciences Institute (or HSI).

We’re an alliance of more than 314,000 strong…

Comprised of the world’s leading doctors, scientists, and researchers…

Along with everyday Americans like you.

Our mission is to uncover “underground” disease solutions that have been ignored by mainstream medicine…

…and reveal them to the American public.

In fact, our board of 17 medical doctors and researchers have already uncovered bona fide natural treatments for heart disease… diabetes… Alzheimer’s and dementia… COPD and more…

But what I’m going to reveal today – the 3-step ACE Protocol – just might be our biggest discovery yet.

And I’m going to prove it to you in exactly 60 seconds.

First, I want you to know…

If you’re worried about cancer… you’re not alone.

You see, 198 Americans are diagnosed with cancer… every single hour.

In fact, cancer has grown so rapidly over the last 100 years…

There’s a 1 in 2 chance Americans will face a diagnosis in their lifetime

And if you’re over age 65, you have a 10X HIGHER change of getting cancer…

And a 16X HIGHER chance of dying from cancer…

That’s why this message is so important for you.

I’ve seen firsthand the physical – and emotional – toll this disease takes…

It starts when you hear those 3 dreaded words…

“You have cancer.”

I‘ve had to deliver that news to patients. It’s absolutely heartbreaking

And I pray you never have to hear them yourself.

But here’s the problem I ran into time and time again…

Conventional treatments – like chemotherapy, radiation, and surgery – often leave patients feeling worse than they did before treatment.

Nauseous, weak, like death warmed over

Or, worse, scarred, disfigured, and in terrible pain.

But that doesn’t stop most oncologists from forcing these dangerous treatments on you.

Worst of all? In many cases, these horrible treatments do not even work.

But that doesn’t have to be our future – not anymore.

Because a brilliant, Harvard-educated doctor discovered a natural treatment for cancer.

As you’re about to hear it doesn’t involve poisonous chemo…

There’s ZERO scorching radiation…

And no invasive surgery.

Before I share this amazing story with you, I need to warn you…

Big Pharma does not want you to hear this message.

They’ve spent BILLIONS of dollars developing and advertising their unnatural drugs.

But it’s about time someone pulled back the curtain and revealed the TRUTH.

So if you think you can handle this controversial message, then listen to this…

The year was 1891… and New York City was just getting its first skyscrapers…

That same year, a brilliant doctor by the name of William Coley graduated from medical school.

He quickly got a job at the Memorial Hospital in New York City…

Which is now known as the world-famous Memorial Sloan Kettering Clinic.

And, being the new doctor on call…

Dr. Coley was given the most hopeless, terminal patients.

In fact, his first patient was a 17-year old girl named Bessie Dashiell.

Bessie showed up to the hospital with a rare, inoperable type of bone cancer.

At first, Dr. Coley did what he was taught in medical school.

He tried every mainstream treatment available…

Including, finally, amputating Bessie’s arm – hoping that would isolate, and reverse, her cancer.

Yet, Bessie’s cancer kept spreading

Until, just 4 weeks after her first visit, Bessie passed away.

Dr. Coley was in tears

He couldn’t stand to watch a child suffer…

And he was heartbroken when he couldn’t do anything to save her.

But that sad day was actually the most important day of Dr. Coley’s life

Because it led him on a path to discover a better way to treat cancer

The exact treatment I’m going to reveal to you in this presentation.

You see, after Bessie’s death, Dr. Coley vowed to find an answer to this dreaded disease.

He never wanted to see another patient suffer in agony.

Luckily, he didn’t have to wait long…

Through his research, Dr. Coley learned of another patient – named Fred Stein – who experienced what was called, “a spontaneous remission.”

In other words, Fred’s cancer simply vanished – and without any logical explanation.

See, 8 years earlier, Fred was a patient at the nearby New York Hospital.

Like most cancer patients at the time, he was scheduled for surgery to remove his tumor.

However, Fred developed a strange infection that doctors thought would surely kill him.

His temperature rose…

His skin turned white as a ghost…

But, to his doctor’s surprise, rather than passing away…

Fred’s tumor started shrinking – almost like magic.

It was almost like that strange infection
cured his cancer

Well, as soon as Dr. Coley heard this story, he knew he had to find Fred.

But Fred’s surgery was 8 years ago…

Was Fred still alive?

After a long search, Dr. Coley finally found Fred very much alive and… shockingly… still cancer-free.

“What did you do to get rid of your cancer,” Dr. Coley asked.

But Fred simply shrugged. He – and his doctors – had no idea why his tumors magically disappeared.

After chatting for a few hours, Dr. Coley left…

But he could feel that he was close to a breakthrough

If he could just figure out what made Fred’s cancer go away…

Maybe he, too, could find a way to help his patients.

So Dr. Coley toiled away in his lab…

He read through hundreds of scientific papers…

But still nothing.

Until one night – almost out of the blue – Dr. Coley woke up with an idea burning in the back of his head…

“Could it be possible? Did Fred’s infection burn away his cancer?”

It sounds crazy

But this sudden idea led Dr. Coley on a yearlong journey to prove this theory to himself…

…and to his colleagues.

Soon, Dr. Coley confirmed what he knew all along…

That the strange infection… the one that came about during Fred’s surgery…

Activated something in Fred’s body that destroyed his tumors.

In other words, it “switched on” his body’s natural defense system…

…and simply flushed cancer out of his body.

That’s when Dr. Coley knew he’d finally found it… a natural treatment for cancer.

However, there was just one question he still needed to answer…

Could Dr. Coley reproduce Fred’s results – and help his patients defeat this dreaded disease?

So he went back to his lab and started experimenting.

Within weeks of his discovery, Dr. Coley started testing his theory…

And, soon, he found a simple, natural way to “mimic” that infection in Fred’s body…

The one that activated his natural defense against cancer and helped banish the disease from his body.

Dr. Coley turned his incredible discovery into his own proprietary formula – called MBV-28.

And, soon, Dr. Coley started using it with his terminal patients.

His first subject was a man named Zola, who had tumors riddling his throat. You can see his picture here.


Dr. Coley tested his MBV-28 formula on him and… within 2 days

Zola’s tumors began to liquify and shrink away.

And… after just 2 weeks… his deadly tumor completely vanished

Think about that for a second…

Today’s “best” cancer treatments – like chemo and radiation – take months to work… if they work at all.

Yet, just MBV-28 started destroying this man’s cancer

In the first 48 hours.

That’s amazing…

Nearly 90 years before oncology even became a profession…

Had Dr. Coley stumbled onto a natural treatment for cancer?

If you ask me, the answer is a resounding “yes.”

Here’s why… Over the next 45 years, Dr. Coley treated over 1,000 patients with his MBV-28 formula.

And he tested it against nearly a dozen types of cancer…

…with astounding – though varying – success.

In fact, a large case study – published in 1945 – showed that 190 of 312 patients suffering from deadly, inoperable cancer

Went into complete remission after being treated with MBV-28.

That’s an amazing 60% success rate.

(Compare that to chemotherapy, which only has a 2.1% survival rate.)

Yes, you heard that right…

A groundbreaking study following 150,000 cancer patients revealed that chemotherapy alone has a lowly 2.1% survival rate

Meaning, if you follow the conventional plan alone, your chances of surviving are about 1 in 50.

Yet MBV-28 could improve those odds THIRTY FOLD

So despite the fact that Big Pharma has poured $90 billion into cancer research over the last 40 years…

MBV-28 could actually work better than chemotherapy.

And this is still just the first step in the 3-step ACE Protocol cancer treatment I’m sharing with you today…

I’ll give you all the details on where you can find information on this amazing treatment in just a minute.

Including details on the ONLY hospital in North America that’s clinically trained in the MBV-28 cancer-therapy.

(Remember: it’s just 4 miles from the U.S. border.)

But first, you might be thinking…

“How exactly does MBV-28 work?”

So let me show you now… because it’s genius.

Did you know your body has its own built-in defense system against cancer?

It’s true…

Your body wants to defeat cancer… it just doesn’t know how.

In fact, that’s exactly what Dr. Coley discovered all those years ago.

But, shockingly, this medical fact has been ignored… until today.

So let me show you how MBV-28 works to fight cancer.

You see, MBV-28 works by activating your body’s built-in cancer defense system

I’m talking about your immune system.

As you know, your immune system is made up of specialized cells, organs, and chemicals…

That protect your body from infectious bacteria and foreign invaders.

What most people – even doctors – don’t know is…

One of those protective cells is something very special.

It’s called the Tumor Necrosis Factor, or TNF.

TNF is like a hired assassin with one job:

Seek – and attack – cancer cells.

And cancer cells are defenseless against a TNF attack…

However, there’s a problem.

TNF is only active when your immune system is turned ON to cancer.

You see, on its own, your immune system doesn’t react to cancer cells.

That’s because it doesn’t see them as different enough from regular cells.

So it stays turned off… allowing cancer to spread throughout your body.

That’s where MBV-28 comes in.

You might remember Dr. Coley’s brilliant discovery from earlier…

That infections can fight cancer in the body.

Well, as you may know, in order to fight an infection, your body needs to “turn on” its immune system.

And that’s what makes MBV-28 such a game-changer

You see, MBV-28 works the same way as an infection

In short, it “signals” your immune system to turn on…

As soon as your immune system is turned on, it instantly snaps into action.

It starts recognizing cancer cells as dangerous foreign invaders…

And sends its hired assassin – TNF – to seek… target… and attack those cancer cells.

That means MBV-28 works naturally with your body

And it means MBV-28 also works without harmful side effects.

No nausea, hair loss, loss of appetite, chemo brain…

And definitely no “secondary cancers” like you can get with chemo and radiation.

In fact, MBV-28 was so effective

Until about 50 years ago, it was used by doctors around the world to treat terminal,
hopeless patients

Including doctors at the famous Mayo Clinic.

It was even approved and used as a pharmaceutical until 1952. Then, in 1962, something outrageous happened…

Our own government BANNED it.


Well, if you’re familiar with how our corrupt healthcare industry works, the answer won’t surprise you…

See, MBV-28 was developed around the same time as radiation therapy for cancer.

And radiation had some very big money behind it…

Including the Medical Director at the hospital where Dr. Coley worked.

And the short story is…

With so much money behind it, radiation became the preferred cancer treatment.

After all, just ONE radiation treatment can cost upwards of $25,000

And, with 1,735,350 new cancer cases every year… well… I’ll let you do the math.

The sad fact is; cancer is HUGE
business in this country

But that was just part of the battle for Dr. Coley…

You see, as you can imagine, science was much less advanced in 1945 than it is today.

For that reason, Dr. Coley couldn’t explain how MBV-28 worked.

He just knew THAT it worked. Isn’t that what’s most important anyway?

But the medical establishment didn’t care…

Without solid scientific reasoning, they simply couldn’t recommend MBV-28.

So they wrote his work off as phony and BURIED the truth about MBV-28…

Instead, they pushed their big, money-making treatments like chemotherapy and radiation instead.

In fact, they did SUCH a good job of hiding this treatment

It all but vanished from American history.

After 1962 – the date the FDA made it illegal to use MBV-28 in America – it was completely forgotten.

Coley’s work – all conducted in the early 1900s – was pushed aside.

And it might have stayed that way… except for one thing…

In 2012, a group of brave scientists in Frankfurt, Germany uncovered Dr. Coley’s ancient medical texts.

They saw his incredible results

…including an overall 60% remission rate…

And decided to “re-create” MBV-28 for modern times.

I hope you’re sitting down… because the results they saw will shock you.

Here’s what happened…

These German doctors recruited 10 patients with various types of cancer.

At the beginning of the study, they measured the size of each person’s tumor.

Then, they administered a carefully measured dose of MBV-28 to each patient.

Next, they took blood tests from each patient…

…to see if MBV-28 was working.

And, very soon after taking the first dose… they saw an increase in TNF levels.

Remember: TNF is your immune system’s built in defense against cancer

These early results showed that MBV-28 was hard at work seekingtargeting… and attacking tumors.

But what happened next was truly amazing…

See, of the 10 patients who began the study…

6 experienced longer than average survival times

Meaning, after taking MBV-28, they lived LONGER

Than they would with “normal” treatments.

And 8 of the 10 patients saw what doctors called “a positive tumor response.”

Which is a fancy way of saying their tumors started shrinking away.

Are you starting to see how MBV-28 could finally be the breakthrough we’ve been waiting for?

In my medical opinion, I believe these results CONFIRM what Dr. Coley had discovered more than a century earlier.

In fact, even though his cancer therapy was never accepted by the mainstream medical community…

Dr. William Coley is now honored as a brilliant pioneer.

In fact, he is now known as “The Father of Immunotherapy” – one of the most promising conventional medical fields.

Still, however, his powerful MBV-28 treatment remains illegal in the United States – even for terminal patients.

That’s why – in just a minute – I’m going to show you how to get information on a prestigious, world-class hospital…

…located just 4 miles from the U.S. border…

…whose brilliant doctors are medically trained in the MBV-28 treatment.

First, there’s one more thing we need to clear up…

Because MBV-28 was banned half a century ago, there aren’t many scientific studies on it.

And you might be wondering if MBV-28 works outside of a lab.

That’s a smart question…

So let me share the real-life story of Donald Frank

Who shared his story with The Cancer Research Institute – a world-famous organization, founded by Dr. Coley’s daughter, which specializes in immunotherapy.

It was 1953 and Donald was 13.

About the only thing he cared about was playing baseball with his friends.

Yet, when he was diagnosed with terminal bone cancer, Donald’s parents were afraid he wouldn’t even make it out of the hospital alive.

You see, after seeing the size of his tumor, doctors gave Donald just 3 months to live.

What’s worse, at the time, amputation was the only treatment for this type of cancer.

So… even IF he survived the surgery… Donald would never be able to play baseball again.

It was tragic

Luckily, Donald’s parents heard about a nearby doctor who was using a radically different type of cancer treatment…


The doctor explained to Donald and his parents how MBV-28 works

He showed them papers and studies on its power to shrink tumors…

And, best of all, he promised them he could help their son

Without disfiguring surgery.

Now, their regular doctor had already told them nothing would work on Donald’s terminal cancer.

So, with no other options, they agreed to the MBV-28 treatment… but they were skeptical

But that skepticism quickly faded when – by the time he left the hospital…

Donald’s “terminal” tumor was completely GONE.

And, after 3 months, Dr. Coley told him…

“There’s no sign of cancer anywhere in your body.”

Better yet?

Donald is still alive today – more than 65 years later.

Isn’t that amazing?

That’s the power of the MBV-28 treatment.

And, in just a minute, I’ll show you how to get information on the ONLY place in North America that uses the MBV-28 treatment and how it works for their patients.

So keep reading

Full details are coming in a minute…

But I have one more thing to show you…

As you heard earlier, MBV-28 is just the first phase of the 3-step ACE Protocol.

You just heard how MBV-28 helps Activate the body’s built-in defense system (that’s where the A in ACE comes from)…

But cancer is a complicated disease…

And, if we ever hope to truly defeat it, we need every weapon modern science has available in our arsenal.

That’s why this second step is so important.

See, this second step works by Creating an environment where cancer can’t survive (that’s the C in ACE Protocol).

That means it makes the body more
resistant to cancer

In fact, this second step is SO powerful…

…one scientist asked: Could this 2nd step alone shrink tumors for 90% of cancer patients?

So let me show you everything now…

Incredibly, like MBV-28, the second step to The ACE Protocol was discovered nearly 100 years ago…

Until it was banned by the mainstream medical establishment.

See, in the 1930s, a doctor named Donato Garcia discovered that cancer cells have a weakness.

He discovered that – much like healthy cells – cancer cells use sugar for energy to divide and grow.

However, unlike healthy cells, cancer cells need A TON of sugar.

In other words, sugar is like racing fuel for cancer cells.

But here’s the good news…

As soon as we cut off that fuel supply, we can more easily fight cancer cells.

And that’s where this second step comes in…

It revolves around a natural hormone called Beta-Pep.

Beta-Pep is produced by your body – in a small organ called the pancreas.

Dr. Garcia knew that Beta-Pep’s only responsibility is to deliver sugar to all your cells.

It’s sort of like a key that forces your cells to open up so they accept sugar.

So, as you can imagine, cancer cells love it.

And Dr. Garcia figured… by increasing the amount of Beta-Pep in the body, it’s possible to “highlight” cancer cells…

Making them easy to find… starveand kill.

And once that happens…

It creates an environment where cancer simply can’t exist

With that in mind, Dr. Garcia started experimenting with a treatment he called Beta-Pep Therapy, or BPT.

Soon, Dr. Garcia started using it to treat patients all over the world…

And he claims the results are astonishing…

In an email, Dr. Garcia claimed that BPT worked for almost 90% of his patients.

In fact, for tumors smaller than 4 cm, he claimed that BPT led to REMISSION for 95% of his patients

And for larger tumors – those over 4 cm…

He reports that more than 80% of patients experienced remission. That’s incredible!

By now, I’m sure you’re wondering…

“If BPT works so well, why haven’t I heard of it?”

Well, soon after Dr. Garcia published his results…

The FDA forced BPT underground.

You see, at the time, these life-changing results were only based on Dr. Garcia’s personal patients.

He couldn’t afford to fund a long, expensive clinical trial…

Which often cost more than $10 million from start to finish.

So, rather than looking into BPT themselves, the Big Pharmaceutical companies continued to push their preferred treatments – chemotherapy and radiation.

Yes, despite the evidence showing that it’s effective against several types of cancer…

Today, it’s almost impossible to find a doctor who will administer BPT.

But that hasn’t stopped brave patients from seeking out BPT on their own…

Take the story of Connie Wilson...

…whose story was reported by a leading BPT clinic.

In November 2002, Connie was diagnosed with a slow-growing, malignant tumor in her left breast.

Connie did her research and immediately saw how dangerousand expensive – mainstream treatments are.

But through her research, she found a doctor who performed BPT with his patients.

Connie started weekly BPT treatments just a few months after her diagnosis.

And, after just four weeks, Connie saw incredible results…

In fact, her tumor DECREASED by
more than a third!

That’s a remarkable 33% improvement – again, just 4 weeks after starting treatment.

But Connie’s story gets even better…

Because 2 years after starting BPT…

Connie’s tumor completely disappeared.

Let me repeat that…

After 24 months, Connie reports that she was declared “cancer-free.”

Perhaps the best part, however, is that Connie’s life wasn’t affected at all during the treatments.

According to Connie, she had “absolutely NO side effects.”

She adds… “I NEVER felt sick or run down. I actually felt as healthy – if not MORE – while I was undergoing treatments. [BPT] is the only therapy I recommend.”

In fact, BPT was so gentle that Connie continued to work throughout her treatment

Isn’t that amazing?

In just a minute, I’ll show you how to get more information on BPT…

Along with the first element in The ACE Protocol: MBV-28.

Remember: MBV-28 activates the body’s own built-in defense against cancer.

And it’s effective against nearly a dozen types of cancer…

But it gets even better.

Because if we want to truly understand how to fight cancer there’s one more thing we need to know.


Do you know the #1 concern for most cancer survivors?

I’m sure you can guess… It’s a recurrence.

After all, there’s nothing worse than suffering through treatment… beating cancer…

Only to see it come roaring back… stronger than ever.

Which is why the 3rd and final step of the groundbreaking ACE Protocol is so incredible…

Because it’s shown to Extend patients’ lives up to 4X longer… (that’s where the E in ACE comes in).

Let me show you how…

This 3rd step involves a simple vitamin called Ascorbate.

In one study this simple vitamin was shown to extend patients’ lives by up 4X

Not only that, but it’s been shown – in multiple studies – to preserve quality of life.

Patients taking this vitamin experienced more strength and energy…

Less brain fog and fatigue…

And, perhaps most importantly, started feeling like themselves again.

Now, I’m sure you’re skeptical, so let me show you how Ascorbate works.

Because it exposes another key difference between cancer cells and normal cells.

You see, healthy cells come with a sort of “expiration date” that’s hard-wired into their genetic code.

That means, under normal circumstances, each cell dies…

…and gives birth to a new, healthy cell.

In other words, your cells have a job to do…

And when it’s done, they quietly close up shop and disappear.

But cancer cells are completely different

Their “expiration” genes are faulty, so they never get the signal that their time is up.

So instead of dying, they keep cranking out new cancer cells

Clumping together to form tumors

And spreading throughout the body.

And that’s where Ascorbate comes in.

It causes something called “cell apoptosis”…

Which is a fancy way of saying it forces those cancer cells to commit suicide.

Here’s how it works…

When Ascorbate enters the body, it breaks down into hydrogen peroxide…

Hydrogen peroxide is harmful to cancer cells.

And it either attacks them or makes them far more vulnerable.

But it leaves healthy cells alone…

Meaning, Ascorbate can fight new cancer cells without causing a single side effect.

Even better?

One clinical study shows that Ascorbate extends the life of cancer patients by up to 4X.

Here, let me show you…

In one study published in Personal Medicine Universe

Doctors gathered a group of cancer patients.

These were men and women who were newly diagnosed…

So they were going through a series of emotional – and physical – side effects.

Then, doctors had patients take a survey…

Where they ranked common side effects of chemotherapy like painfatigueinsomnia… and constipation.

And had patients continue taking Ascorbate for 4 weeks.

And just wait until you hear the results…

After 1 month, the men and women taking Ascorbate reported a massive 16-point improvement in their symptoms…

They reported significantly higher energy

Sharper thinking

And much less pain.

In fact, their quality of life shot back to what it was before they started undergoing treatment…

Almost like they never had cancer in the first place.

Isn’t that amazing?

But, believe it or not, Ascorbate’s life-changing benefits don’t stop there…

In another clinical trial, patients who took Ascorbate lived 4X LONGER than those who didn’t.

Specifically, those taking Ascorbate lived an extra 210 days… compared to just 50 days for those taking a placebo.

Yes, they lived 4X LONGER than patients undergoing normal treatment.

That’s the power of this 3rd and final step.

Now, imagine combining Ascorbate with the first 2 steps of TheACE Protocol

Starting with Phase 1: MBV-28.

This first step Activates the body’s own built-in defense against cancer…

Helping to shrink tumors…

And helping patients fight cancer – without harmful chemo or radiation.

Then, you have Phase 2: Beta-Pep Therapy (or BPT).

This Creates an environment where cancer
can’t survive…

It makes the body more resistant to cancer.

So patients can live relaxed and worry-free – knowing they have the power to fight cancer naturally.

And, finally, there’s Phase 3: Ascorbate.

Which helps Extend and improve quality of life

And helping patients live longer than they would with conventional treatments.

Keep reading for your opportunity to get more detailed information on all 3 steps of The ACE Protocol today.

First, let me quickly recap everything we’ve gone over today.

You heard the true story about Dr. William Coley and his MBV-28 therapy…

Including how it’s effective against nearly a dozen types of cancer.

You saw how it works by activating the body’s own immune system…

Allowing patients to fight deadly tumors without harmful side effects.

And making an effective alternative to chemo and radiation.

You also saw how a group of doctors and researchers are finally making information on MBV-28 available…

As the 1st Phase in TheACE Protocol.

Then, you heard about Phase 2 of this cancer-fighting protocol:

Beta-Pep Therapy (or BPT).

Remember: BPT works by Creating an environment where cancer can’t survive…

It allows your body to “highlight” cancer cells… separate them from healthy cells…

And reduce cancer’s fuel supply...

Allowing patients to defeat cancer.

Then, you heard about Phase 3 of The ACE Protocol: Ascorbate.

This might be the most important phase of the entire protocol…

Because it could help patients live up to 4X longer.

You also heard how Ascorbate also reduces side effects for patients undergoing conventional cancer treatment…

Giving them back the energy – and vitality – they had when they were younger.

Friend, are you starting to see how The ACE Protocol could change lives?

If you’re ready to learn more about the cancer-fighting power of this 3-step protocol…

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Normally, you could only get them if you made an appointment to see one of these doctors in person.

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I call it:

The ACE Protocol: Underground Secrets to Fighting Cancer Without Chemo, Radiation, or Surgery.

The Ace Protocol book

Inside, I cover all the details on MBV-28, Beta-Pep Therapy, and Ascorbatethe complete ACE Protocol.

And how patients are able to escape the grips of cancer without relying on dangerous prescription drugs.

And I’ll be there to lead you through all the information…

For example, we’ll start with Module 1: The 1st Step Every Cancer Patient Should Take.

Where we’ll discuss how patients cope with a cancer diagnosis.

This is always the first step I take.

Because I know how hard it is to hear those 2 words…

“It’s cancer.”

And how overwhelming it is to process everything that comes next.

You see, conventional medicine uses fear to coerce patients into the treatment plan they want.

Which allows them to strong arm you into dangerous – and expensive – treatments like chemo and radiation.

But, as you’ll read in this module, we don’t have to feel scared… worried… or helpless at all.

In this module, I walk through all the treatment options – both conventional and alternative – and clear up all the confusion… and misinformation… I’ve seen throughout the years.

Then, I’ll walk you through Module 2: The Dirty (and Deadly) Truth About Chemo and Radiation.

In this chapter, you’ll hear the real reason why most doctors say they would NEVER undergo conventional cancer treatments.

I’ll share the shocking – and grim – details of a groundbreaking study with you…

Showing how chemo may actually accelerate death in up to 51% of patients.

Meaning, more than half of the patients who undergo chemo could die faster than they would with no treatment at all

After that, we’ll dive into the 3 treatments you heard about today. Starting with Module 3: Fight Cancer With This “Outlawed” Treatment.

This is where you’ll read up on MBV-28 and find out how this “banned” therapy shrinks deadly tumors.

You’ll see all the research I shared with you today…

I’ll explain exactly how it works – with diagrams breaking down how MBV-28 uses our own immune system as a cancer-reversing weapon.

Then I’ll tell you about the only hospital in North America that’s trained in MBV-28 therapy.

Then we’ll get into Module 4: The 100-Year-Old Secret That Shrinks Tumors

You’ll hear all about the cancer-fighting hormone – Beta-Pep – and how it creates an environment in your body where cancer struggles to survive.

I’ll share the surprising history behind this treatment…

Then, I’ll show you how to get more information on BPT – including a list of doctors in the United States who are clinically trained in this treatment.

Then we’ll hop into Module 5: The Simple Vitamin that EXTENDS and IMPROVES Your Quality of Life...

Here, you’ll get everything you need to know about Ascorbate

And how this simple vitamin is shown to help restore your energy and vitality

And help you live a happy, healthy life.

Imagine how it will feel having all this information at your fingertips…

Flipping through the pages of The ACE Protocol and feeling empowered… and confident you have everything you need if you ever need to make a decision for you or your family.

All told, The ACE Protocol is the most complete source of information I’ve ever created.

But there are a few more cancer-fighting tricks I’ve discovered throughout my career.

And if you want to do a complete “deep dive”…

…I’ve included these special “bonus” modules for you to go through on your own.


And that’s just the beginning…

In your copy of The ACE Protocol: Underground Secrets to Fight Cancer Without Chemo, Radiation, or Surgery…

I give you everything you need to know about cancer.

And I’m about to show you how to claim your own copy.

However, there is one catch…

This is the only place you can get access to The ACE Protocol

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The ACE Protocol: Underground Secrets to Fight Cancer Without Chemo, Radiation, or Surgery…

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First, I’m sure you’re wondering:

How much does a system like this cost?

As I said before, it’s my mission to help as many people as possible escape this dreaded disease.

And I want to make this information available to every American who needs it.

So, here’s what I’m going to do

As a thank you for reading this life-saving presentation…

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Just moments from now, you can start your own journey learning about these natural
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Feel free to skip ahead to the “action steps” if you want…

Run through each module and read up on Phase 1 of The ACE Protocol: Fight Cancer With This “Outlawed” Secret.

And find out how MBV-28 could help patients shrink deadly tumors – with ZERO side effects.

Then jump into Phase 2: The 100-Year Old Secret That Shrinks Tumors

Discover how BPT – the special hormone inside your body – “highlights” cancer cells

…allowing patients to cut off their fuel supply and starve cancer cells to death.

And finally, Phase 3: The Simple Vitamin that Can Help Prevent Cancer from Coming Back...

Where you’ll find out how Ascorbate restores energy and vitality

Helps prevent against a recurrence…

And helps patients live a healthier lifeforever.

And here’s my promise to you…

There is ZERO risk to you

If you aren’t blown away by the information in The ACE Protocol: Underground Secrets to Fight Cancer Without Chemo, Radiation, or Surgery

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FREE BONUS GIFT: 5 Household Items that Cause Cancer

FREE BONUS GIFT: 5 Household Items that Cause Cancer

Inside this exclusive report, I’ll share the shocking research behind these 5 household items…

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For example…

Did you know that the 6 most common laundry detergents contain a carcinogenic chemical?

You’ll get the full story, along with a cheap – and chemical-free – alternative.

Or how about this…

Do you eat a popular brand of cereal?

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If so, you’re likely being exposed to a deadly, cancer-causing chemical.

Find out how to avoid it – while still maintaining a fresh, green lawn.

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Phase 2: The 100-Year Old Secret That Shrinks Tumors…

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For HSI and The ACE Protocol, I’m Dr. Allan Spreen, MD.

Thanks for joining me today.

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