This inexpensive, natural treatment is believed to have saved Ronald Reagan’s life—but went buried for more than 30 years. Now a newly uncovered human-study exposes the truth—and proves that this hushed-up…



Dissolves deadly tumors in as little as 48 HOURS

(Complete protocol below)

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In just a moment, you’ll learn about an at-home, life-saving cancer treatment that kills cancer cells in hours… And dissolves entire tumors in as little as two days

But unlike chemo, surgery, and radiation—this treatment won’t harm your health.

It even beats the fastest growing and hardest to treat cases—including pancreas, colon, prostate, lung, liver, and breast cancers, and…

It works like nothing else to stop the near-unbearable pain that cancer causes—in as little as 24 hours…

Plus, it is so powerfully healing that it revived a comatose cancer patient in just a day.

But what makes this treatment truly extraordinary, is that it’s unbelievably simple to do.

So simple in fact, that you can do it all by yourself—in the comfort of your own home—without a doctor (but it’s always a smart idea just to check in before trying something new).

And in just a moment, I’ll tell you what it is, and how you can try it yourself.

But first, I’d like to share one of its most remarkable—and until now—secret success stories

How Nancy Reagan
saved her husband’s life

You see, in 1985—while serving his second term in office—President Reagan was diagnosed with colon cancer.

First Lady Nancy Reagan was absolutely determined to spare her husband the horrors of chemotherapy.

So rumor has it she secretly enlisted the help of Germany’s leading oncologist—Dr. Hans Nieper.

Dr. Nieper rose to prominence back in the 1960’s—when he pioneered a way to kill cancer cells by raising their ph level.

You see, your DNA tells your cells how to behave—when they need to divide—and when they should stop dividing and die.

But cancer cells have a way to “hide out” so they can avoid your DNA shutting them down.

That’s because by nature they’re far more acidic than healthy normal cells.

And all that acid creates a sort of protective cloak around them that doesn’t allow your DNA to step in and shut them off.

That means they can go on multiplying like wildfire—for as long as they want—with nothing to stop them.

So Dr. Nieper decided to see what would happen if he ripped off their protective acid cloak.

And that’s how he developed his groundbreaking way to…

Trick cancer cells into

By using a unique mineral called Clarion-55, to neutralize their acid level.

You see, Clarion-55 looks just like potassium to a cancer cell.

And cancer cells LOVE potassium.

They need it to quickly multiply and spread throughout your body.

In fact, they suck it in 20 TIMES faster than normal cells.

So when they see Clarion-55, they think it’s potassium—and they gobble it up as fast as they can.

But Clarion-55 acts like a Trojan horse.

Because once it’s inside the cancer cell—it blocks up all the exits so it can’t be pumped out.

The cell gets flooded with Clarion-55—and its acid level drops.

Then in just hours, the cancer cell DIES.

Pretty genius, right?

So I’m sure you can see why Nancy took President Reagan straight to Dr. Nieper.

To avoid being harassed by the press—and the closed-minded U.S. medical establishment—the Reagans flew to Germany in secret. That way Dr. Nieper could treat the president privately.

And while President Reagan’s medical records are sealed—so we can’t know for sure—there’s good evidence that Dr. Nieper treated him with Clarion-55.

It was obvious to those around him that his cutting-edge care was working too—because President Reagan never even looked sick.

In fact, he completely stunned everyone with his vigor and energy—remaining the picture of vibrant health during and after his treatment.

He not only finished his second term—his famously full head of hair remained as thick as ever.

Now, I’m sure you already know that colon cancer is often a death sentence.

But President Reagan not only survived it—he went on to live another twenty years.

And he’s not alone. Medical reports of Clarion-55’s extraordinary healing power abound.

Like the prestigious physician who reported giving Clarion-55 to a breast cancer patient and watching in awe as her tumor started shrinking in just hours.

Then, when he examined her 48 hours later—the tumor had completely dissolved.

And that’s just one of so many cancer patients who got a second shot at life with Clarion-55.

My name, by the way, is Dr. Allan Spreen.

I’ve been a Medical Doctor for over 30 years. As a member of the medical advisory board for the Health Sciences Institute, an expert for Discovery Health, and an Olympic coach—I’ve been witness to some truly breathtaking miracles.

But if I hadn’t uncovered this do-it-yourself cure for myself, I never would’ve believed it was possible.

You see, while his breakthrough work was kept quiet in the states, Dr. Nieper healed countless cancer patients at his prestigious clinic in Germany.

But today, I’m happy to tell you, you don’t need to go to Germany to try it for yourself.

You don’t even need to go to a doctor’s office for it.

Because now it’s easy to get everything you need to do his natural treatment all by yourself—right at home.

No trips to a clinic—and NO prescription slips needed.

It’s simple and easy to do—only about as complicated as popping your daily multi-vitamin.

And now, a groundbreaking study I recently uncovered shows that Clarion-55 can…

Bring late-stage cancer patients back
from the very BRINK OF DEATH

The study looked at 50 patients with advanced terminal cancers—breast, colon, prostate, pancreatic, lung, and liver.

These poor souls had already been through the tortures of mainstream medicine cancer treatments.

Most had undergone surgeries, and received the maximum doses of radiation and chemotherapy medically allowed.

So Clarion-55 was truly their last hope.

Which made what happened next so extraordinary

The results were clear: Clarion-55 cured the incurable.

Today, people all over the world lucky enough to have heard of it are treating themselves with the exact same Clarion-55 protocol used in the study.

They’re even quietly swapping their breathtaking stories of miraculous healing all over online cancer forums.

These are average folks—just like you—who were facing down deadly cancers—and determined to beat them.

Like Ned, who shared his inspiring journey:

I thought I was healthy. I’m 58 and could see signs of aging, but I accepted those as par for the course.

Then I was diagnosed with prostate cancer that had metastasized to my bones.

Out of all the alternative cancer protocols out there, the Clarion-55 therapy is the most aggressive and most proven. It can take away the pain within 12 to 36 hours.

That’s why I chose it.

And the latest results I got show a 24% reduction of cancer in my body from my first test.

I am looking forward to an even greater drop next time as the Clarion-55 momentum continues.

I also have more energy than before.

And Paula couldn’t believe how well Clarion-55 worked on her oral cancer:

“I am fortunate that my tumor is visible in the back of my mouth, so I can monitor it with a flashlight and a mirror.

About a week after taking Clarion-55, the part of the tumor closest to the blood vessel that feeds it simply collapsed.

In one place it looked like Mount St. Helens after it blew its top.

There was a large crater in the tumor!”

Then there’s this note from Ron, who shared how Clarion-55 is helping his brother with brain cancer defy the odds:

“My brother was diagnosed with stage two glioblastoma and he refused to get the standard BIG 3 treatments (surgery, chemo and radiation) so we looked at alternatives and found the Clarion-55 therapy.

It came highly recommended by a friend whose sister is also taking it for her brain cancer.

She turned her tumor into water (edema) in just about 8 weeks.

All three of her doctors agree that the tumor is dead now and is in a cyst stage… and that the edema will slowly leave the brain after a few months.

Isn't that great, all this in just 8 weeks of Clarion-55?

Now after a month of taking Clarion-55 my brother got an MRI that is showing something similar—with water around his tumor.

He’s also stopped having seizures.

We’ll keep you posted on his progress.”

Every day these stories of extraordinary healing just keep stacking up.

And these folks are doing it all by themselves—because the Clarion-55 protocol is just that easy.

In just a moment, I’ll tell you exactly where to get everything you need so you can get started for yourself.

But first, if you’re wondering why you never heard a word about any of this—you’re exactly where I was when I first learned of it.

It seems that instead of shouting this news from the hilltops, the government and the medical establishment have been dead silent on it—for years.


Well, call me cynical, but I have a sneaking suspicion it has a lot to do with the fact that…

Drug companies can’t make a dime
off of this cancer cure

And because it’s so easy and inexpensive for you to do at home, all on your own… America’s “nanny state” healthcare bureaucrats can’t stand it.

They only want you to have access to the treatments they think are best...

And let’s just be honest here—that also happen to line their pockets with kickbacks the drug companies pay them.

Their stranglehold on your healthcare choices is why Americans die every day of cancers that might’ve been cured with non-toxic, non-invasive, inexpensive, natural treatments.

I’m sorry to say it, but the sad truth is, the U.S. healthcare system is rigged against you getting healthy.

Because you’re worth a hell of a lot more to Big Pharma if you stay sick.

But it shouldn’t be that way.

That’s why I’m speaking out—because you deserve access to the best care on the planet.

For decades, Big Pharma and their government stooges have made a killing off of deadly drugs by covering up natural, inexpensive cures and treatments like Clarion-55.

When I first heard about it, I knew that if they’d managed to hide a miracle like Clarion-55 for so long—there had to be other important therapies they’d covered up.

So I spent years hunting down all-natural ways to heal cancer—many that had been buried for decades.

Because as effective as Clarion-55 is—I’ve been a doctor long enough to know that each patient—and each cancer—responds differently.

That’s why it’s so important to have a well-stocked healing arsenal.

And now I’ve gathered every single treatment I uncovered—my entire life’s work—into the most comprehensive cancer guide you’ll ever find.

In it I explain exactly how to do the Clarion-55 protocol all by yourself—at home.

Including an easy way to radically enhance its healing power.

Just by including one other inexpensive, scientifically proven, natural ingredient.

It’s a unique “transporter” that can carry Clarion-55 into every single cancer cell inside of your body.

It supercharges your treatment by making sure Clarion-55 gets where it is needed—killing every cancer cell it touches.

It also melts away pain throughout your entire body—without the side effects of prescription painkillers.

Best of all, you can use this healing duo whether you apply them topically—to a specific area you want to treat—or take them together by mouth.

That means you can completely customize your treatment so that it works best for you.

Plus, I’ll tell you everything you need to know to feel your best throughout your Clarion-55 treatment.

I’ll give you the precise nutrients—most I’m sure you already have in your home right now—to keep your energy up, your stomach comfortable, and your health vibrant while you’re healing.

So you can look and feel as great as President Reagan did when he was in treatment.

I walk you through step by step—so you never have to worry about making mistakes, or not knowing how to do something.

I even give you a telephone number for professional support in case you ever have questions.

You’ll get all of these details on doing the Clarion-55 protocol for yourself in Chapter 6 of my guide.

But my cancer cures guide also reveals the details on 24 additional life-saving therapies I’ve discovered, including:

And each of the treatments I uncovered are shown to help people just like you.

You see, my first experience with the power of natural cancer therapies happened very early on in my medical practice.

One day, a patient of mine brought his 13-year-old son in to see me.

The boy was limping badly. And it turned out that he had a large tumor on his knee that another doctor had just diagnosed as a bone sarcoma.

The doctor said the boy’s cancer was so bad that his only treatment option was a dangerous experimental chemotherapy.

To make matters worse, the family was given no time to make a decision.

They were told they had to get him on the chemotherapy right away.

Because if the chemo didn’t work, the only way to save their son’s life would be to amputate his leg.

So of course they were terrified for their child, and had come to me in a panic.

There was an herbal cancer treatment from Canada they’d read about—and they wanted to know if I thought it would work for their son.

I desperately wanted to help them, but at the time I didn’t have the experience yet for such a serious case.

So I offered what advice I could—and urged them to seek an expert that could help.

They thanked me and were on their way.

I didn’t hear anything from them until one day, three years later, when a kid I didn’t recognize sauntered into my office.

He was healthy and tall—and was walking normally.

When I saw his father’s face, I immediately realized who this young man was.

I asked him to fill me in on everything.

So he explained how the Canadian herbal therapy saved his son’s life—and his leg.

I examined the boy’s knee—and couldn’t find anything abnormal at all. No trace of the tumor—it was identical to his other knee…

That was the moment I knew my life’s purpose was to uncover and share these little-known natural cancer cures with the world.

And you’ll find the exact same therapy that saved my patient’s son—and all of the details you need to do it for yourself in chapter 19 of my cancer guide.

It’s called Tomorrow’s Cancer Cures TODAY.

In it, you’ll find down to earth, easy to understand advice that you can start using right away.

I share all 25 of the natural cures and treatments I’ve uncovered—along with every detail you’ll need to use them successfully.

With the information Tomorrow’s Cancer Cures TODAY contains, you’ll finally have:

As you flip through its pages you’ll embark on a journey that winds its way through real-life stories of miraculous healing…

And the powerful cures you need to banish any type of cancer—all by yourself.

Like the all-natural fruit extract cure from down-under.

In one study, 100% of basal skin cancer patients got better in only 13 weeks! And it works even faster on squamous skin cancer, and pre-cancer lesions.

All you have to do is rub it on. I tell you what it is and where to find it on page 11.

Plus, in chapter 4 I reveal the potent ten-herb tonic that anyone who has ever undergone chemotherapy needs to take.

It helps strengthen the immune system, improve energy and mood, prevent blood clots, heal stomach ulcers, stabilize blood pressure and blood sugar, stop pain, and so much more.

If you’ve ever been through chemo—or know a loved one who has—this tonic is the answer to all those unpleasant side-effects that can linger on for years…

Then in chapter 7, I share the all-natural detoxifying therapy that can kill cancer cells while flushing your body of toxic residue from pollution, drugs, chemo, tumors and other diseased tissue. It has quietly been helping cancer patients get healthy for decades.

Now you can try it for yourself—and start…

Looking younger and feeling stronger than you have in years…

Enjoying your life to the absolute fullest again—freed from the worry that something bad might be waiting around the corner…

Getting out and having fun—with the relaxed confidence that comes from knowing you’re fully protected.

With Tomorrow’s Cancer Cures TODAY you’ll have all the answers you seek right at your fingertips.

And throughout it you’ll also hear the inspirational stories of real-life survivors.

People like you—who have already used the treatments I’ve uncovered to reclaim vibrant health.

Even if you’re in perfect health now—you’ll make good use of all of the powerful healing secrets you’ll find within its pages.

And if ever a friend or loved one is faced with their own diagnosis and in need of advice—you’ll always have the answers for them right on your shelf.

Just imagine being able to spare the people you care about all those painful, outdated mainstream treatments that don’t work.

Well you don’t have to just imagine it—because with Tomorrow’s Cancer Cures TODAY you’ll have the right information to help them beat cancer for good.

Because my guide has…

Everything you need to live

I’ve spent years investigating the do-it-yourself Clarion-55 protocol, and each of the other breakthrough cures in Tomorrow’s Cancer Cures TODAY so you—and your loved ones—can enjoy a life free from cancer.

When your copy arrives, you’ll want to crack it open and take a peek at the table of contents.

There you’ll see all 25 treatments at a glance, so that it’s easy to find what interests you most.

Then you can skip around—reading chapters in whatever order you like.

Each cure has its own section—complete with everything you need to know about where it comes from, how to get it, and the right ways to use it.

And Tomorrow’s Cancer Cures TODAY is written in straight-forward, easy to understand language.

So everyone can enjoy reading it—without the need for a medical dictionary.

Cancer is a brutal opponent, but when your copy arrives, you’ll finally have the weapons you need to beat it.

Because Tomorrow’s Cancer Cures TODAY is packed with advice and information that you won’t get anywhere else.

And I’m positive it is the ONLY guide you’ll ever need to stop cancer in its tracks.

So you can take as long as you want to read it, and decide if what it reveals is useful to you.

If for ANY reason you don’t find what you’re looking for in its 188 pages—you’ll get a 100% refund. NO hassles and NO questions asked.

As a doctor, I understand that healing takes time.

That’s why my Gold Standard Guarantee NEVER EXPIRES.

So whether you need ten days, ten monthsor even ten years—to decide if the cures and information I’ve gathered is useful to you—you’ve got it.

You risk nothing to give it a read.

And the treatments inside Tomorrow’s Cancer Cures TODAY can help you…

before they have a chance to take hold

That way you never have to worry about what might be “going on” inside… or how an unexpected diagnosis can turn your life upside down.

And like Clarion-55, most of the treatments in Tomorrow’s Cancer Cures TODAY can easily be done by you—in the comfort of your own home.

Friend, when I started this journey, I never could’ve imagined the true promise of what is already out there—just waiting to be discovered and save lives.

Now that I’ve gathered these treatments here in one place, I truly hope you’ll use them—and share them with the people you love.

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To your healthy independence,

Allan Spreen, M.D.

Health Sciences Institute Advisory Panel

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